First Qimo Beta (RDv7) Released!

One of the very generous members of the local Florida LoCo (Ubuntu Local Community) is hosting a CD image of Qimo for people to download. Thanks MianoSM!

You can download the ISO file here: Qimo RDv7

MD5: 8e5905f7e90286ced394c078cc2cc50c

In order to try Qimo, you will have to burn this ISO file to CD as a CD Image, not as a regular file. Some CD burning software can do this, othes can’t. If yours doesn’t have an option to treat the file as an image, you can get a free program here that will.

Once you have the CD created, just leave it in your CD drive and reboot your computer. When Qimo first boots, it gives you the option to try it from the CD, or install it to your computer. Trying it from the CD means that nothing on your computer will be changed, you can reboot without the CD and everything on your computer will be exactly as it was before. This is the easiest way to try Qimo, though it will run a bit slower this way.

Be Careful: Qimo isn’t like the programs you can install on Windows! Installing Qimo means you are putting a totally new operating system on your computer, and it may cause problems (or totally replace) your installation of Microsoft Windows.

If you want to convert an old, unused computer into a Qimo computer, then go ahead and install it, you’ve got nothing to lose. Try it from the CD first, to make sure it will work on your computer, and there should be no surprises when you install. During the installation, Qimo will give you the option to remove your current operating system (like MS Windows), or install Qimo alongside it. If you choose to install Qimo alongside a current operating system, it will ask you which one you want to use.

The install will ask you to create a new user account, this is for administrative purposes. You can choose anything you want except “qimo”, which is reserved. Do not choose to be automatically logged in with this account, by default the “qimo” account will be automatically logged in, so your children don’t need to enter a username and password.

We hope that you enjoy trying Qimo, and we welcome any feedback. Please send any questions, comments, or problems to

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